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Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy

 Appointments Available From Monday 5th August 2024

Monday - 5pm and Thursday - 10:15am - all fortnightly appointments

If booking for smoking/vaping cessation - this is only a one-off 1.5 - 2 hour session and so I may be able to fit appointments in for this at different times during the day to those listed above, so please get in touch to enquire about availability for these sessions



Taking Bookings from 22nd April

Initial Half Price Special Offer Until 19th July 2024 


I am currently undertaking my training as a Solution-Focused hypnotherapist and I will be able to offer this to clients around the Spring 2024. In the meantime, here is an description of what Solution-Focused hypnotherapy is.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy (SFH) is an approach to hypnotherapy that focuses on helping individuals identify and achieve their desired goals or outcomes, rather than delving deeply into the underlying causes of their issues. This therapeutic approach combines elements of traditional hypnotherapy with principles from solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT), a psychological counselling method.

  1. Goal-Oriented Approach: SFH is centred around helping clients to define and work towards their specific goals or desired outcomes. These goals can relate to a wide range of issues, including managing stress, overcoming phobias, improving self-confidence, or breaking unwanted habits.
  2. Positive and Solution-Oriented: Instead of dwelling on past problems or analysing the root causes of issues, SFH places a strong emphasis on identifying solutions and promoting positive change. This forward-thinking approach helps clients to focus on their strengths and capabilities rather than their problems.
  3. Collaborative Process: The therapist and client work collaboratively to identify and clarify the client’s goals. The therapist helps the client to explore potential solutions and develop strategies to achieve those goals. This collaborative aspect encourages a sense of empowerment and self-determination.
  4. Hypnosis as a Tool: Hypnosis is used as a tool to help clients to relax, access their subconscious mind, and increase their receptivity to what the therapist is saying. During hypnosis, the therapist my use language and visualisation techniques to reinforce the client’s goals, promote relaxation and facilitate mental and emotional wellbeing.
  5. Brief and Time-Efficient: SFH is often considered a time-efficient form of therapy. Since it is focused on finding solutions and achieving goals rather than delving into long, exploratory discussion, it typically requires fewer sessions than other therapeutic approaches.
  6. Strength-Based Approach: SFH operates on the assumption that people possess the internal resources and strengths necessary to create positive change in their lives. The therapist’s role is to help clients to recognise and harness their strengths.
  7. Measurable Progress: Progress in SFH is often measured through the achievement of specific, measurable, and realistic goals set by the client. This allows both the client and therapist to track and celebrate successes as they occur.
  8. Applicability: SFH can be applied to a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, weight management, smoking cessation, phobias, trauma, improved self-esteem and more. It is especially beneficial for individuals who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives.
  9. Non-Invasive and Safe: SFH is safe and non-invasive. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that most people experience daily in some form (e.g day-dreaming) and it is used in a therapeutic context to promote relaxation and focus on desired outcomes.
  10. Client-Centred: The therapy is client-centred, meaning that the client’s preferences, goals and comfort level are highly regarded throughout the process. The therapist tailors the approach to suit the individual’s needs and preferences

In summary, SFH is a practical and goal-oriented approach that combines hypnotherapy techniques with the principles of SFBT. It offers clients a positive and forward-thinking path to addressing their issues, making it a valuable option for those seeking to achieve specific goals and create positive change in their lives.

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"Before I met Kelly I was jumping between the different stages of grief after developing a long-term health condition; I was full of repressed rage, I was mourning my lost future and I was struggling to cope.  Then I met Kelly through a support group that she facilitated.  She was insightful, empathetic, and an example to me of someone who could still be positive and carve out a life for themselves despite their own long-term health condition.  She expertly guided us through the sessions discussing a range of really important and relevant topics including hidden disabilities, stigma, and managing interactions with healthcare providers.  With her expertise and experience she was able to truly understand what we were saying, help us process our emotions and guide us forward including by giving glimpses into how she has achieved what she has whilst remaining professional.  Due to my deep trust in Kelly as an expert practitioner, I embarked on hypnotherapy with her despite my preconceived ideas of what that would entail.  I am so glad I did as it was nothing like I imagined.  Undergoing hypnotherapy with Kelly was a transformative experience, she helped me to switch my focus from my emotions surrounding my ill health and loss, to plans for my future and what I can do to realise my hopes and desires. She embedded in me the knowledge that when we focus on something it is much easier to achieve it.  She enabled me to picture a positive future in a stepwise fashion which made me see it as attainable.  She supported me to identify what I intended to do to optimise my current situation, and this enabled me to achieve it.  She even facilitated me making steps towards a positive long-term future where I had a range of options through which I could obtain a fulfilling life in line with my core values.  With a dynamic disability I know that there will be challenges ahead but I am now much more able to cope.  I can empty my stress bucket and still see that positive future, even when I'm in the thick of it.  I cannot be more grateful to Kelly for the change she has enabled in my life." HYPNOTHERAPY CLIENT - CHRONIC ILLNESS
"If you asked me 10yrs ago if I would try hypnotherapy, I would’ve said no. But now, I am so glad I did try it! Through hypnotherapy, I have started to rewire my brain. I allow myself to feel the emotions in the moment, but I don’t obsess over them for days or weeks, or try to suppress them like I used to. Despite my chronic illness, my anxiety has reduced, I don’t react so strongly to stressors, I feel more in control, happier, and positive about my future. Kelly was professional, empathetic, kind, and positive. She kept me grounded and focused on my goals. I am so grateful for the sessions I have had, and I will continue to use the skills I have learnt." HYPNOTHERAPY CLIENT  - CHRONIC ILLNESS AND ANXIETY

“Stuck in an emotional and exhausting rut I took an action of contacting Kelly in the hope that Solution Focussed hypnotherapy may be helpful and I am so pleased I did. I very much appreciated the clear explanation of the process and what to expect each session. This allowed me the opportunity to practice towards my goals and just simply preparing for the following session ensured more positive practices in my daily life. I am also hugely thankful that I was guided but equally expected to support myself with highly achievable goals. This has resulted in an altered mindset, habits and an enhanced emotional tolerance in very few weeks. I looked forward to each session’s relaxation element, like stepping into a warm comforting bath and found myself being far more positive and being able to think more clearly day to day. I have now embarked on further self care which previously I would not have had the confidence, energy or focus to commence or achieve. I strongly believe that solution focussed hypnotherapy has provided me with an emotional toolbox of resources to successfully deal with life’s challenges, and just as importantly, fully appreciate the better times too. I am a huge advocate now and know I will continue to utilise skills Kelly has reinforced with me. Funny to think I had these skills anyway but was just overlooking the power of practicing them. I cannot recommend Kelly more highly as a practitioner and the services she provides. My sleep pattern is far improved, anxious episodes dampened and my overall appreciation and enjoyment of life has sky rocketed. Thank you Kelly, you have truly saved my life” HYPNOTHERAPY CLIENT - ANXIETY